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This website will help you learn all about the GOSH System. Feel free to browse around..
What is gosh?
The GOSH System or GOSH for short is a simple to use and economical web application that can make a major operational difference in your business. In addition to its standard features, it can provide a software framework to build custom solutions.  There are currently two GOSH System products:

GOSH for Boards is designed for Ohio Mental Health and Alcohol Drug Boards and GOSH SMB is designed for any Small/Medium Businesses who need Centralized Contact Management and Electronic Document Management for going paperless. Click a product link to get more details on it.
Does gosh mean anything?
Besides the pun.. GOSH stands for Great Office Solution Helper. Our mission and goal is to create one really nice web application that keeps impressing you.
How is gosh designed?
The GOSH System is a complete Microsoft solution developed in Microsoft ASP .NET by Geisler I.T. Services, LLC. a Microsoft Partner.  The web product uses Microsoft's IIS web server, the Microsoft .NET framework and Microsoft's free SQL Server Express Edition for the database.  Click the deploy link for more details on how the GOSH System can be installed and to get system requirements.
Is the gosh system free or licensed software?
The GOSH System is licensed software. Click the Purchase link for more information.